Air Expanding Shaft

Zen Coretech Engineers – The Leading Air Expanding Shaft Manufacturers

Zen Coretech Engineers is actively engaged in the production and supply of customized solutions for our clients. Our air expandable shaft is the result of long years of experience and research in the production of customized products. Quality and reliability are the twin features that reflect on all our customized solutions. Our air expanding shaftis specially designed to improve the machine performances significantly.

Production of Air Expandable Shaft

We are one of the reputed air expanding shaft manufacturers in the industry. Meticulous planning and attention to detail guarantee the best-customized solutions from our production plants. In this technology-driven world, innovations take place continuously,and it demands new and relevant products in various machine manufacturing fields. It has motivated us to conduct continuous research and produce numerous advanced solutions, including the multitube type air shaft. We owe a great deal of indebtedness to our engineers, technicians, fitters and an array of professionals in the production of our customized solutions, including horizontal belt filter bowed roller. We own numerous patents and have completed a large number of projects since our inception.

Industries We Serve

We also manufacture and supply rubber tube for air shaft. We serve numerous industries with our customized solutions. Some of these industries include packaging, bag production, printing, paper coating, tapes and many more. We have the expertise to manufacture air expandable shaft using steel, aluminium and carbon. The decision to use a material solely depends on the technical specifications demanded. Lug type air expanding shaft are so adaptable and they can be installed for unique and long-lasting performance in the production of machines in various industries. We provide a complete repair service for all types and makes of the airshafts. We also supply spare parts for all the air shafts manufactured in India. Being a reputed industrial rollers manufacturers, we produce all our products in our production plants. Our expertise in manufacturing with attention to detail and supreme quality, make us one of the top manufacturers in the industry. Contact us today to receive detailed information on all our customized products and solutions.


Designed for light- to heavy-duty applications with 1” (25mm) to 12″(300mm) ID cores, the Air Lug shaft is often used in center unwind and rewind applications with either paper or steel cores.
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Gripping elements are activated by simultaneously inflating bladders with a single air valve. While bladders rarely fail, the processes to replace external bladders are simple and quick. Light weight of shaft easy to lift by operator.


Designed with heavy body to wind web more than 500 Microns. It does not need air pressure as it works manually.


Ball Lock Shafts has heavy steel body it acts as a replacement of Leaf Shaft. Especially designed for high speed and concentric holding with uniform winding from the start to the end.


Designed for a wide range of converting applications, these shafts are the best choice when using thin cores in your web process. Leaf Shafts are built tough, with bodies constructed of steel or aluminum, and internal tubes made of durable, hardwearing rubber.


Light weight, durable bladder chucks make running large and/or various sized cores quick, easy, and safe. Could Carry equivalent weight that to the Multitube Air Shaft.


Safety chucks designed of two kinds, flange-mounted and foot-mounted, fixed or with slide lay adjustment, secure shafts in place and guarantee roll security during winding processes.


Friction ball rings with double row and single row of expanding balls, totally interchangeable these rings ensure a perfect locking and fractioning of the slits to be rewound. Suitable for cores diameter from 50mm up to 12”.


Various size Rubber Tubes made from vulcanization of natural rubber used for Expanding shafts, could resist 0-6 bar pressure.


Standard and Customized size air valve in various types, as per the British Standard Pitch Threaded.